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"Joey Hateley is a very talented performer...the most willing I have ever met to put their body on the line."  (Peggy Shaw)


"Gender subversion at its most political and sexy!" (Chloe Poems)


"Joey Hateley could be the next Jean Genet." (Vaginal Davis)


"The Gender Joker is a shooting star! Style, talent and panache combine to not only educate and entertain but illuminate what could otherwise be a dark and dreary political passage" (Del LaGrace Volcano)


"A brave and powerful performance that blurs the lines between experimental theatre and performance art".  (Garfield Allen, Artistic Director, green room)


"Funny and irreverent look at our notions of gender." (Rainbow Network.com)


"A stirring performer that throws some serious light on a current taboo".  (Time Out)


Incisive and insightful work that rips up our notions of gender and asks us to start again." (DIVA)


"Joey Hateley is a highly skilled performer.  An androgynous appearance adds magic to herms performances in which transformations unfold layer upon layer of gender constructions. Is he a he?  Is she a he?  Is he a she? Is she a she? Joey interferes with our assumptions and speculations, leaving the audience unsettled, entertained and curious." (Diane Torr, (2010) co-author Sex, Drag and Male Roles; Investigating Gender as Performance. University of Michigan Press).


"Continuing to press the personal into political service using performance as a consciousness raising tool, Hateley mixes the factual with the fictional in making explicit the impact of discourse on the bodies, lives and identities we inhabit." (Deirdre Heddon (2008) Autobiography and Performance, Joey Hateley, The Endurance of the Personal. Palgrave MacMillan, Hampshire & New York).

Joey Hateley is the Artistic Director of TransAction a company that creates innovative transformative cross-cultural performance on issues of identity, diversity, inclusion and empowerment. As a writer, director, educator and activist who creates interdisciplinary experimental work, Joey has collaborated with diverse organisations, such as the three -year  project with Casa Trans in Ecuador; a photography project with trans sex workers in Thailand; running drama workshops with young people in India, Namibia, Peru and South Africa and devising a show with Peggy Shaw at the Drill Hall London, touring work across the UK, Australia, Belgium, Sweden, Canada and USA arts festivals.

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